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World of Shantar D&D 5e House Rules

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Herbalism and Alchemy

  • Herbal, Alchemy, and Poison Recipes
  • "It is true that a basilisks power can be deadly in this realm. However in the spiritual realms that very same deadly power is instead both a curative force and a raw powerful catalyst. Alchemy allows us to embrace these mysteries. With alchemy you can transform and use the core forces from both creatures, minerals, and plants."
    -- Fallstaff, Archwizard and bearer of the Golden Sash in his tome Core Alchemy

    While adventuring, your characters may come across Primordial Balm, which under most circumstances can amplify a potion or poison’s effects two-fold. Or while walking across a tundra cold and alone you imbibe an elixir containing Drakus Flower or Fennel Silk that helps you regulate your body heat.

    Performing Herbalism and Alchemy

    For purposes of gathering ingredients and performing alchemy you can ignore the rules in the PHB with regards to needing proficiency. You only need the appropriate tool kit to perform alchemy. If you are not proficient you must make any appropriate alchemy skill checks at disadvantage and you must attempt every roll.

    Alchemy Skill Check = d20 + INT or WIS Modifier + Proficiency bonus only if you are proficient with the appropriate toolkit.

    You may include any additional bonus for toolkit mastery.

    Crafting a Herbal, Alchemical, or Poison Item:

    Alchemy Skill Check VS. DC 10 + all difficulty Modifiers