Epic Play - Introduction

The fifth tier of play (levels 21 - 25), characters have reached a level of power that few mortals can match, and the gods themselves begin to take notice. The sixth and final tier (levels 26 +), is where you’ve reached godlike heights. You take part in cosmic struggles and uncover ancient or lost hidden secrets of existence.

For each epic level you may choose an Epic Class level, an Epic Race feature, an Epic Boon, or an Epic Maneuver. You may only choose an epic race feature in the first 3 epic levels. Also you may only choose an epic class advancement every other level (meaning you can not choose an epic class feature 2 levels in a row). In order to select the Epic Barbarian level 5 you must have have advanced to epic level 9.


The proficiency bonus does not increase at epic levels.

Character Advancement

Experience PointsLevelProficiency Bonus
41000021 +6
47000022 +6
54000023 +6
620000 24 +6
710000 25 +6
810000 26 +6
950000 27 +6
1200000 28 +6
1500000 29 +6
1800000 30 +6


You no longer advance your previous classes.


Many cantrips continue to increase in potency as characters progress past 20th level. If a cantrip has a uniform progression at 5th level, 11th level, and 17th level, it continues that progression at 23rd level and 28th level.

For example, the eldritch blast cantrip gains an additional beam at 23rd level for a total of five beams, and again at 28th level for a total of six beams. Similarly, the vicious mockery cantrip increases by 1d4 damage at 23rd level for a total of 5d4 damage, and again at 28th level for a total of 6d4 damage.

If a cantrip progresses through various die types, such as from a d4 to a d6, it can also progress at 23rd and 28th level, though it can’t increase in power beyond a single d12.

Restrictions Past 20th Level

Here’s a list of the elements you should restrict in your game. Challenge Rating Limitations. Regardless of what spells or class features a Player Character has access to, it can’t conjure or create creatures with a CR above 20, nor can a Player Character transform into such a creature.

In addition, while within a deity’s divine realm, a creature can’t conjure forth other creatures with a CR higher than half its own CR or level, unless the deity allows it.

Divine Intervention. The cleric’s Divine Intervention feature is blocked from reaching the target deity within a divine realm, unless the realm belongs to the deity that is being targeted. The Divine Intervention feature also can’t be used offensively against a deity.

In addition, consider limiting the Divine Intervention feature to effects that mimic spells up to 9th level with the exception of the wish spell, when combating monsters of challenge rating 30 and higher.

Magical Communication. While in a divine realm, spells and effects that allow contact with beings from other planes don’t function unless the realm’s deity allows it. In addition, a deity can sense when someone in its domain is casting such a spell or using such an effect and can choose to make itself the spell’s or effect’s recipient, so that it becomes the one who is contacted.

New Mechanic: Epic Dice

Some features in this document use or grant epic dice. Epic dice are d20s and are consumed if described in a feature. You receive all your epic dice back after a long rest.

XP Thresholds by Epic Character Level

Character LevelEasyMediumHardDeadly

Adjusted XP per Day per Character

LevelAdjusted XP per Day per CharacterLevelAdjusted XP per Day per Character