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World of Shantar D&D 5e House Rules

Version 2.0.1


More powerful than simple invoked spells, rituals grant you access to the truly infinite. Most rituals are associated with specific cycles or events, and many require catalysts that must be carefully sought after.

Rite of Healing

  • Requirements: Water Sphere 1, Divine 1
  • Cycle or Event: anytime
  • Preparation time: none
  • Casting time: 5 minutes
  • Cost: none

You pray and ask for healing for yourself and your allies. You may heal as many allies as your caster level, but they must all be within 6 squares of you. Each ally who takes part, is capable of participating in this ritual, and is specifically named by the caster is healed to 1/2 of their maximum hit points.

Special. If the caster has the Healing Domain each participant of the ritual is brought up to 1/2 of their maximum hit points plus the maximum value of their Bandage Self hit points if they are injured beyond that. For example, if their Bandage Self gives them 1d6+3 hit points, they are brought up to half plus 9 hit points.

Rite of Intercession

  • Requirements: Water Sphere 1, Divine 1, Fire 1
  • Cycle or Event:Once per venture.
  • Preparation time:1 minute
  • Casting time:1 Quick Action
  • Cost: none

You ask for divine intercession in advance of what might be a difficult conflict or event. It may be against the head of an organization, or against a creature of renown. Your quest or desire must support your Alignment. If not, you will offend the forces you serve, and you receive no benefit from this rite, and in addition a Divine Sanction. Otherwise, you will receive one of two benefits depending on whether the event is a conflict or not. When you have determined that an event requires intercession, you must declare the intercession and call upon the spirits of your alignment for assistance.

If the event you require intercession for results in or creates conflict, you and all allies may immediately regenerate a single Venture or Encounter power and heal a number of hit points equivalent to the Bandage Self action (each individual rolls) not to exceed their maximum hit points. In addition, if the target of the event you specified is a specific creature, the caster gains a +2 bonus to all attack rolls against that target for the duration of the encounter.

If for some reason you find it necessary to declare an intervention before you achieve your targeted event, and find yourself in dire circumstances, you may still use this intercession, as long as the need supports your alignment.

The other purpose is to use this in a non-conflict situation (trying to locate a treasure or solve a riddle). You may use this intercession for an immediate Divination Spell for a Lesser Divination to answer a question, or offer a +4 bonus and reroll a single failed roll for a DC you or an ally recently failed.

No matter what benefit this rite bestows, or how many times this rite is invoked during a venture, an individual can only reap the benefits from this rite once per venture. The exception is the personal +2 bonus on attack rolls against a target. If multiple casters declare a rite during the same or separate encounters, they only receive the healing and regenerative benefits of this rite once per venture. They may choose to decline the benefits now to partake of them later when another ally declares the use of this rite. However, if you are declaring the rite in a later encounter after having received the benefits earlier in the venture, you would receive the +2 bonus to attacks against your intended target for the remainder of this encounter without the other restorative effects.


  • Requirements: Water Sphere 3
  • Cycle or Event: Once per venture
  • Preparation time:1 hour
  • Casting time:none
  • Cost: 100 SP per level of Water used in this ritual
  • Material Component: personal item from target.

You create a familiar bond between you and a target. You create a charm, and you must possess a personal item (hair, blood, precious item or symbol) that was carried by your target. When the spell is complete you create a charm that connects you with the target. If the target is unwilling, you must succeed in an attack against the targets Willpower Defense. A successful ritual creates a Familial Charm.

When attacking a creature whose charm you possess and use as a catalyst, you receive a +2 to any attack rolls against them. Additionally, you can target them with any spell that has the Familiarity descriptor, although the distance must be within your spell range.