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Celestials PantheonLaw, FamilyDieties of Order
ZeritiFate, Waves, MagicQueen mother, wisdom, sorceress, lakes and streams, and resurrection.
The FatesFate, Waves
ZaraSun, LifeSun Goddess
Sha-deru (Illios)Family, Magic, Lore, WarConsort of Zeriti
AnanTravel, Forge, Earth, WarGod of strength, combat, the forge and flame.
DasForge, EarthCrucible
MorRune, ForgePower
BatirWind, Waves, Earth, Fey, NatureGoddess of earth, forests, fertility, cycles, farmers, hunting, and harvests.
The OriSun, Fire, Destruction
NemeterTempest, Waves, Travel, FeyGod of Sea, Storms, horses, war, the etherial and sacred spaces.
The Nine WavesWaves, Sun
The Four WindsWinds, Destruction
EyluthSeduction, Travel, Family, MagicGod of air, spirit, language, knowledge, mastery of skill, magic and mysticism.
MathForge, Knowledge
MagusMagic, Knowledge
A'tar'ataWaves, Luck
AstriaWaves, Pestilence, Shadow, Magic.Goddess of the stars and void, infinity, creation and destruction.
The horned demonsDestruction
BeshSeduction, Travel, FireGoddess of success, love, fertility, longevity, compassion, ecstasy and theater
AhmaraTravel, Forge, Shadow, TrickeryGod(dess) of trade, fortune, gambling, luck, diplomacy, ships, travel, and wine.
LunaraMoonLunar goddess, the hunt, wild animals, woodland
KhensaFate, LuckLunar goddess of Fortune and fate.
XotilMadness, Fate, Rune, Trickery, Shadow, Undeath
Titans PantheonWavesGods of Primal Powers
ParamonTime, WavesFather of Zeriti and Nemeter
Queen mother and solar goddess, associated also with lakes, streams, resurrection, and sorcery. Zeriti is the eldest of the children of Astria and is the Great Lady of Nagas. She is also called the Mother Queen as she is the matron of souls, birth, death, and resurrection. Embodiment of divine mysteries and initiation.  She represents Wisdom where Eyluth represents intellect and spirit.  She is the light in the darkness. Embodied in the disk of the Sun.  Daughter of Astria.
Sun, Fate, Waves, Magic
Rapier, Staff
The Fates
Origin, Weaver, and Debt - powerful titans that are wards of Zeriti and frequently (but not always) travel together.
Fate, Waves
Staff, short sword, long sword
Zara (Sa-ra)
is a titan and the embodiment of the sun disk and part of the raw power of Zeriti. The goddess of the sun and the source of all souls and life. The suns rays are new souls, and some elves hear them as song. She is also the great well of knowledge and all memory and is fiercely protected. When she manifests an avatar, she frequently shows as two beings, one weak, and the other a great and fierce protector.
Sun, Life
Zeriti can appear in a number of ways. She always has either golden hair or gold thread woven into her braids. She tends to wear white, blue, or black robes or sometimes the noble clothing of a woman. She wears pearls, mother of pearl, lapis, or amber jewelry. She bears a necklace containing the sun disk of Zara and a golden band of three keys sits at her waist. Her favored weapons are a staff or long sword. Hey eyes are black as the void and filled with the stars of the universe.
Sha-deru (Illios in Antiquity)
God of order and form.  Guardian of the land.  Laws, justice, paladins.  He can see all things, and sits on a throne in his realm of Sol.  He is constancy and eternity.  Power behind rulers.  He was born of the Great Dragons.  Guards the gateways to the realms of the dead.
Family, Magic, Lore, War
Long Sword and Shield, Lance, Spear
Eunom (Law)
A great titan and by legend a being whose power gives all beings form, including the gods. The spoken laws of Eunom are the foundation of all civilization. Eunom stands on the bridge guarding the known realms from the terrors of the far realms.
Half Spear and Shield
A tower on a solar background.
Ardon (Order)
Ascended ancestral human knight who wards civilization and provides healing and magic to Paladins.
Short Sword and Shield, Lance
A shield with a sword behind it, point down.
Kittu (Justice)
It is said that Kittu is a Silver Dragon whose wisdom is heard as whispers in the ears of wise kings.
Scepter, Mace
A pair of silver or gold scales on a cobalt or black background.
God of Sea, Storms, horses and war.  Lord of the etherial and astral planes.  His name stems from an ancient Anglessey word meaning "Sacred Space".  He sits at the top of the great astral world, stirring up the great winds of death that sweep through all the realms.  He is also the one who grants wishes and can manipulate fate.  He has nine daughters, including Zeriti, the fates, the great waves, and the winds. Nemetr has many allies who he is master of:  Kracken, mermaids, Sea Elves Nemetr has a hall on the far side of the great astral sea.  His primary mate is Astria, but he also lies with Batir as well. Nemetr and his mate Astria are in union in the night sky.
Tempest, Waves, Travel, Fey
Trident, Net
The Nine Waves
The three waves are titans that embody destruction but also are the power of the great well of memory of the sun. They are a test to harden warriors and will destroy the unworthy.
Waves, Sun
Maul, Net
The Four Winds
The four winds are titans that blow through all the mortal realms carrying with them icy death. They are what ages and decays, marches time and the struggle for life forward. The winds also protect the realm of the dead and the ascended in their windless realm of immortality. One wind in particular is frequently honored by offerings but rarely worshipped. Shakak, who is a death of disease and pestilence.
Winds, Destuction
Bow, Darts
Goddess of the stars and void, infinity, creation and destruction.  Sister to Zeriti.  Astria is the dark aspect of wisdom.  It is said her kiss imparts knowledge of the infinite and will drive most mortals insane. Owns the dead that are not worthy to journey to the halls of the other celestial gods. It is said that the horned demons grinds up the souls
Waves, Pestilence, Shadow, Magic.
long spear, javelin
Holy Symbol:
(Modern) A two-headed eagle with wings in display. The heads look opposite directions. The claws usually are grabbing either a single serpent in a ring around the eagle, or two serpents. The eagle is usually gold, and the background onyx. (Ancient) A black sun with 8 golden rays coming from it (spiral octogram).
The Horned Demons
These beings tear apart and grind all the aspects of creation. The essence of what is left passes into the goddess of the void, where it is eventually reborn in new life.
Eyluth (Eye-luth)
God of air, spirit, language, knowledge, mastery of skill, magic and mysticism.  Keeper of secrets and patron of sages. As a gift from Batir he controls the four winds and is ruler of the seasons.  The very old one.  Father of Sha-deru. Speaker of all things.  Patron of Bards.
Seduction, Travel, Family, Magic
The four winds, Math, Magus, and A'tar'ata (Strategy)
Staff, Bow, Axe
Math is the titan who knows the structure of the universe, and is one of the few titans who are as powerful as the fates.
Forge, Knowledge
Where Math dictates the structure of the universe, Magus is a titan that knows that which Math can not see or envision. He knows much of what is hidden, and drinks readily from the well of memory and seeks that which he does not yet understand.
Magic, Knowledge
Staff, Bow
A'tar'ata is titan who absorbed other titans and as a result became a questioner who eternally seeks. God of games and strategy, this being is the emboddied questioning mind. A'tar'ata can appear as either a male or female form.
Waves, Luck
Long Sword, Bow
God of strength, combat, the forge and flame.  Secret of metalsmithing. Truth and tester of worthiness in others.  He tears down what is old to make room for the new.  God of champions for the meek.  Known for his fiery temper within, and also for his ability to control it. Anan is both male and female, appearing as a male dwarf and forger, or as a powerful female giantess.
Travel, Forge, Earth, War
Battleaxe, Bastard Sword, Hammer
Das is a god of testing who embodies the power of the crucible. Unstoppable passion and force. He is the power and strength of gems and minerals.
Forge, Earth
Mor is the lord over barbarians and father of the dwarves. He is the power of mountains and protector of wisdom.
Rune, Forge
Goddess of earth, forests, fertility, cycles, farmers, hunting, and harvests.  Where Sha-deru is constancy, Batir is about beginings and endings... birth and death.  Interconnectedness of all things and the web of life.  Batir frequently shows herself as dual goddesses, whose names may be related to aspects of her, such as Millstone and Apple. In her aspect as the huntress, she is seen wielding a bow or spear. The arrow or spearhead represents her will and she is said to never misses her target.
Wind, Waves, Earth, Sun, Fey, NATURE
Spear, Sickle, Bow
The Ori (The Cycles) -  Birth, Wax, Wane, Completion (Death)
The Ori are the powers of the seasons, and the powerful forces of life and death. Depicted as seeds, flowers, and fruit, these are the manifestation of the titans and the four winds in its generative and destructive aspects, all in balance. More frequently, it appears as a trinity of genesis, growth, and death... with the names Thalla, Auxi and Carpa.
Sun, Fire, Destruction
Sickle, Flail, Staff
The Goddess of success, love, fertility, longevity, compassion, ecstasy and theater. All things in their ideal form. Matron of happiness of old age, contentment with what you have, as well as security.  Besh can appear as a fertile young woman, or as a fat old lady with a sheaf of grain in one arm and holding the hand of a child.
Charm, Chaos, Community, Happiness, Healing, Luck, Protection, Seduction, Trickery
Whip, Cane
The Graces - Beauty, Love, Compassion
The Graces are the antithesis of the power of Astria. It is the ultimate perfection and immortality free from the winds of death.
Ahmara (Ah-mara)
A diety of trade, fortune, gambling, luck, diplomacy, ships, travel, and wine. A trickster god/goddess who can appear as male, female, both, or neither. Mother of Gorgons.  Ahmara maintains a great hall in the shadow planes and another in the eternal planes of the celestials.  As Ahmara, she has a hall of silk and timber and her followers revel into eternity.  The less worthy are cast to Ahmar, the male aspect, who has a hall in the plane of shadow and whose souls are tormented for eternity unless they can trick their way out of the plane... in which case they gain immortality as a greater undead.
Travel, Forge, Shadow, Trickery
Dagger, Sap
This lunar goddess is a huntress and is associated with wild animals, the woodland, and having the power to tame, talk to, and control animals. She represents changeability, permeability, and freedom from constraint... Unbound growth. She is the Lady of Lycanthropy and journeying into the unknown. She consorts with Eyluth, Ahmara, Batir, and Besh; and is a sworn enemy of Sha-deru. She is a Younger Power whose agenda extends beyond the reach of celestials.
Dagger, Axe, Bow
Khensa "Fortune" is the lunar goddess of the second moon and is an unbound fate spirit whose domain is the space between what is woven by the spirits of fate. She is embodied in rainbows and her followers believe that fortune favors the bold. Khensa knows all, and her secrets are what Magus seeks. She is associated with both protecting and embodying the great well of memory, possessing all the knowledge of the universe.
Fate, Luck
Gold Disk with 8 rays
Imin and Iminyë (leoradis)
The first of the elves.  Ascended celestial king and queen of the elves.  Some of the Younger Powers who served Ahok-Bel-Tir (now known as Batir) and are now friendly with the Celestials.
Wind, Waves, Earth, Sun, Fey, Nature, Light
Half Spear and Shield, Long Sword, Bow
Power of the arc and passage of time.  Born in the moment Chronos was maimed and the Veil of Time was manifest.
Time, Waves
Staff, Bow
God of forsaken magic, righteous suffering, secrets, and necromancy.  A Lesser Titan who was killed in the Great War fighting against the Greater Titan Chronos and the Celestial Anan.  The shadow of Xotils rage and betrayal fell across the known planes and created the planes of shadow, where vampires derive their immortality.  It is said when creatures are destroyed who serve Xotil, the energy of their souls feeds the shadow so it may one day rise again as Xotil.  Of Xotils Wards, more than a dozen of them are trapped within the arc of time, bodiless servants who do his bidding.  Truly terrible demons, known as Feyarmaya "soul terrors" who seek to destroy the realm and free their god.  Xotil is worshipped by necromancers who seek power or an alliance at any cost, even if it means their soul may be consumed.  They seek a place of power within the shadow realm or their own immortality within this realm.
Madness, Fate, Rune, Trickery, Shadow, Undeath
Staff, Dagger
Father god of orcs, and breaking oaths and destroying barriers.  A member of the council of the moon who is father to orcs and a number of races.  A dark demi-god who seeks expansion in this realm.
Destruction, Magic
Falchion, Bow