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Renegade20 Character Sheet


Download D&D 5E Character Sheet as combined PDF

I did not truly like the layout of the official character sheet as it did not suit the needs of an extended campaign. There are a lot of positives about the default character sheet. Specifically, you have everything you need for character creation on one page. However our gaming groups quickly discovered that there was just not enough room on one page to record the details of a character as it evolved over time. There was not enough room for what you needed to record. Of greater importance my players were constantly searching for where things were on the official sheet. I took an eye for redesign that had a few requirements:

  • Bring the skills and saving throws together with the attributes to help players find things easier.
  • Bring all the mechanics for combat together on one sheet with more room to detail all of the features and options.
  • Break out all the roleplaying aspects of the character including background on a separate page.
  • Create more room for spells and spell notes, particularly at lower levels where players tend to have a greater number of spells.
  • Create spaces where players can detail scrolls, potions, and other magic items.

This variant of the official character sheet is designed from the ground up as a two page character sheet. The first page has plenty of space for the mechanics of your character, while the second page has all the space you need to record your background, equipment, and more.

There is also a two page spell character sheet included that offers more room for spells and spell details. In addition, there is space for special material components, scrolls, and things like potions. It also offers a paper clip mechanic if you like where you can track your spell slots available with paper clips. Simply put the large loop of the paper clip over the slot and number you have available and move it down a number as you cast spells. I am looking at providing variant mechanics for classes like the Warlock and the new prestige class suggestions. I found a few variant sheets that used this mechanic, and I thought it would be a great addition for those players that wish to use it. Otherwise, you can just mark off the slots with a pencil as you expend them, and circle the max slots you have as a reminder.