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Adventuring - Crafting a Magical Item (Replacement)

Crafting a Magical Item (Replacement)

Creating magic items can be a costly and time consuming task. There are three factors in determining the time and effort in item creation:

Rarity. The rarity determines the base level requirement for crafting the item.
Type. The type of magic item adjusts the level requirements and DC for crafting the item.
Environmental Factors. Astrological alignments or other factors can restrict a specific items creation.

For each object creation, the player is required to have the appropriate tools. Crafting potions and tonics requires some Alchemist’s Supplies or Herbalism Kit, while crafting poisons requires a Poisoner’s Kit. Crafting arms and armor require not only Smith's Tools, but also access to an anvil and a forge. The player does not need to be proficient with the tools in order to craft the items, but being proficient with these tools adds their proficiency bonus again to their rolls in crafting.

Base Creation Cost by Rarity

Herbal or Alchemical Items do not require spell knowledge but require specific ingredients. Their cost is defined in the herbalism chapter.

Item LevelSpell LevelRarity (Base)DCBase Creation CostMinimum Level
1CantripCommon1050 gp1st
11Common1150 gp1st
22Uncommon12200 gp3rd
33Uncommon13450 gp5th
44Rare14800 gp7th
55Rare151,250 gp9th
66Very Rare161,800 gp11th
77Very Rare172,450 gp13th
88Very Rare183,200 gp15th
99Legendary194,500 gp17th
10EpicLegendary209,000 gpEpic 1

Creation Cost Modifier

Type (Base)DC ModifierCreation CostLevel ModifierBase Time*
Single Use Herbalism Item (Infusion)01 gp/day0By Recipe or 1 hour/level
Single Use Alchemical Item (Enchantment)01 gp/day0By Recipe or 1 hour/level
Spell Completion Item (Spell Scroll)-5Base Cost-11/2 day per level
Single Use Item (Potion, Charm, Oil)-31/3 Base Cost01 day per level
Charged Item Power0500 + (5 x Base Cost)01d8 weeks per level
Continuous Item Power+21500 + (5 x Base Cost)+ 24d8 weeks
Armor and Shields+21000 + (3 x Base Cost)+ 14d8 weeks
Weapons+2600 + (7 x Base Cost)+ 14d8 weeks

* If any of the dice rolls a maximum value, roll the die again and add the result in cumulatively.

If the item has a spell effect, you must have the spell prepared during the whole duration of the magic item creation process. For example, if you wish to create a Wand of Magic Missiles (Uncommon), you must spend 1000 gp in base materials, and it will take 1d8 weeks, and you must have Magic Missile prepared and known. If the spell requires a spell component you must provide the component which is consumed every day during your item creation process.

You must also possess and be proficient with the artisans kit appropriate for your item creation, in addition to possessing all the ingredients and spell components necessary for crafting the item. For magic item creation you will need a master artisans kit, which is typically 10x the cost of the normal kit as listed in the PHB.

At the end of the time specified, you roll an alchemy check (INT or WIS Modifier + Proficiency Bonus with the appropriate toolkit if you are proficient) vs. the DC specified. If you succeed the item is crafted as intended. If you critically succeed (with a natural 20), the item may have an enhanced effect. If you fail by less than 5, then you can still possibly salvage it by spending 1 more day crafting the item and rolling once again with disadvantage. If you fail by 5 or more, the item fails and can not be saved. On a natural roll of 1, it is possible the equipment is damaged, the item is cursed, or some other ill effect happens (DM determines).

Multiple characters can combine their efforts to create the magic item if each of them meets the level requirement to craft the item. Different characters can contribute spell slots and knowledge to satisfy individual needs for the item. If you have three crafters who all meet the requirements of the item, you may roll the crafting DC roll with advantage. If you have nine crafters who all meet the item crafting roll, then you can increase the critical threshold by 1 (19 - 20 instead of 20).

Player characters can not normally create more than their Attribute Modifier in Spell Completion Items until they achieve their next level.