Buying and Selling Magic Items, Herbal Ingredients, Poisons, and Other Rarities

Selling your magic items

Selling your magic items and poisons can be done either during sessions or during Downtime activities like selling herbs can be. However, finished products are looked for by potential customers far more often than just the ingredients. This is mostly due to the lack of ability to craft such items for most NPCs.

The pricing for all magic items is in the charts below, or if you made the item then it is double the total cost of all components. However, these are just base pricing, and the charts below go off of the base pricing. The player always has the opportunity to price these items themselves, and the DM can respond at their discretion.

You can expect to sell up to half of your magic wares to potential buyers in most cities and towns, and only a small amount to villages. This of course depends on how much money you are willing to sacrifice. However, the more damage, healing, or power a concoction provides, the less often a buyer will be available.

When selling your magic items to a potential buyer, the player will need to perform a DC 15 Charisma check to find potential buyers of their products. Just like with other skill checks, other player in the party can assist, granting the original player advantage on this roll.

On a failure, no buyer can be found for that item type until the player tries again after a long rest and makes another attempt.

On a success, the player is able to find a nearby buyer immediately, or if during Downtime, it takes a number of days as per the chart below. Remember, that the more rare the item is, the harder it will be to sell.

Sale Price Modifier

Rarityd20 Offered Sale Price Modifier*Days to find Buyer
Very Rare-31d12
* Apply this modifier to rolls on the Alchemy Prices table

Offered Sale Price

d% + ModYou find...
4 or lowerA buyer offering a tenth of the base price
5 - 6A buyer offering a fifth of the base price, and a shady buyer offering quarter the base price
7 - 8A buyer offering a quarter of the base price, and a shady buyer offering half of the base price
9 - 12A buyer offering a third of the base price, and a shady buyer offering half of the base price
13 - 16A buyer offering a half of the base price, and a shady buyer offering two thirds of the base price
17 - 18A buyer offering half of the base price, and a shady buyer offering the full price, no questions asked
19 or higherA buyer offering two thirds of the base price, and a shady buyer offering up to double the full price, no questions asked

Magic Item and Poison Values

Herbalism ingredient values are listed in the herbalism tables.

Your world need not sell the magic items for the prices given below. Your world does not even need to sell the magic items below at all. The primary purpose of the tables below is to establish the relative price of magic items so that you can have a reasonably sane economy and/or so that you can quickly eyeball how much the swag you're giving your players is worth. You are free to modify the prices as you will, just be sure to tell your players that you are doing so in advance to the game start.

The items are divided into a few different lists for your convenience. The lists are as follows:

Each is discussed further in their own section. By adjusting the prices of the various lists, the GM can make it easier or harder to get their hands on various types of problem solving abilities.

Again, the prices below are not absolute. The GM may adjust the prices of items individually or by list, they may make any item available or not, they may say that magic items can't be sold for gold at all and that the below prices only roughly estimate value when people are trading magic items for other magic items or they may even not show these tables to their PCs at all and just use them to estimate treasure values. The below lists are intended as a tool, not an imposition on your campaign world. Consumables

Consumables represent all items that can be used up when used in their intended manner. By default, consumables are somewhere around one tenth the price of an equivalent permanent item. The scroll prices below represent a typical scroll of that level. Scrolls with significant direct value, such as scrolls of fabricate or wish, may be priced differently.

Item Price(gp)
Spell Scroll Level 0 10
Ammunition +1(each) 25
Potion of Healing 50
Quaal's Feather Token Anchor 50
Spell Scroll Level 1 60
Philter of Love 90
Ammunition +2(ea) 100
Potion of Poison 100
Dust of Dryness(1 pellet) 120
Elixir of Health 120
Keoghtom's Ointment(Per dose) 120
Spell Scroll Level 2 120
Potion of Fire Breath 150
Potion of Greater Healing 150
Potion of Climbing 180
Potion of Heroism 180
Potion of Invisibility 180
Potion of Mind Reading 180
Potion of Water Breathing 180
Scroll of Protection 180
Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments 200
Potion of Animal Friendship 200
Spell Scroll Level 3 200
Quaal's Feather Token Fan 250
Quaal's Feather Token Whip 250
Potion of Diminution 270
Potion of Growth 270
Dust of Disappearance 300
Necklace of Fireballs(One bead) 300
Potion of Gaseous Form 300
Potion of Resistance 300
Universal Solvent 300
Spell Scroll Level 4 320
Ammunition +3(ea) 400
Potion of Speed 400
Sovereign Glue 400
Horn of Blasting 450
Potion of Superior Healing 450
Dust of Sneezing and Choking 480
Necklace of Fireballs(Two beads) 480
Oil of Slipperiness 480
Potion of Flying 500
Arrow of Slaying(ea) 600
Spell Scroll Level 5 640
Bead of Force 960
Elemental Gem 960
Necklace of Fireballs(Three beads) 960
Potion of Clairvoyance 960
Potion of Vitality 960
Spell Scroll Level 6 1280
Potion of Supreme Healing 1350
Chime of Opening 1500
Necklace of Fireballs(Four beads) 1600
Oil of Etherealness 1920
Ioun Stone Absorption 2400
Spell Scroll Level 7 2560
Quaal's Feather Token Bird 3000
Quaal's Feather Token Swan Boat 3000
Oil of Sharpness 3200
Necklace of Fireballs(Five beads) 3840
Potion of Invulnerability 3840
Gem of Brightness 5000
Spell Scroll Level 8 5120
Deck of Illusions 6120
Necklace of Fireballs(Six beads) 7680
Spell Scroll Level 9 10240
Ioun Stone Greater Absorption 31000
Rod of Absorption 50000
Talisman of Ultimate Evil 61440
Talisman of Pure Good 71680
Special Costs:
Robe of Useful items - Cost of contained items multiplied by 5 Combat items

Combat items are primarily good for killing things. A few have other uses as well, like the luckstone or the Ioun Stone Mastery, but their biggest effect is making their owner better at killing or not getting killed. Increase the price of these items if you want your players mostly getting oddball magic items that don't interact much at all with combat.

All items which are weapons or armor add the cost of the base weapon or armor that makes them up to their price.

Item Price(gp)
Vicious Weapon 950
Adamantine Armor 900
Mithral Armor 1800
+1 Weapon 2000
Sword of Life-Stealing 2200
Ioun Stone Protection 2200
Wand of the War Mage +1 2200
Bracers of Archery 2500
Circlet of Blasting 2500
Javelin of Lightning 1500
Prayer Bead - Smiting 1500
Wind Fan 1800
Sword of Sharpness 2700
Staff of the Adder 2800
Dancing Sword 3000
Glamoured Studded Leather 3000
Pipes of the Sewers 3000
Prayer Bead - Bless 2000
Saddle of the Cavalier 2000
Sword of Wounding 3000
Frost Brand 2200
Dagger of Venom 3500
Gloves of Missile Snaring 5000
Ioun Stone Agility 6000
Ioun Stone Fortitude 6000
Ioun Stone Insight 6000
Ioun Stone Intellect 6000
Ioun Stone Leadership 6000
Ioun Stone Strength 6000
Staff of Withering 5000
Cloak of Protection 5500
Oathbow 5500
Ring of Protection 5500
+2 Weapon 8000
Boots of Speed 7000
Dragon Scale Mail 4000
Elven Chain 8000
Ioun Stone Regeneration 9000
Iron Bands of Bilarro 6000
Prayer Bead - Curing 4000
Rope of Entanglement 4000
Wand of Enemy Detection 6000
Luckstone 6200
Wand of the War Mage +2 6800
Flame Tongue 10000
Periapt of Wound Closure 5000
Ring of Evasion 7000
Ring of the Ram 5000
Tentacle Rod 5000
Animated Shield 6000
Armor of Resistance 8000
Arrow-Catching Shield 8000
Belt of Dwarvenkind 8000
Bracers of Defense 6000
Ioun Stone Reserve 12000
Pearl of Power 6000
Pipes of Haunting 9000
Ring of Resistance 9000
Robe of Scintillating Colors 9000
Scimitar of Speed 14000
Shield of Missile Attraction 7000
Giant Slayer 7000
Mace of Smiting 14000
Brooch of Shielding 7500
Amulet of Health 8000
Dragon Slayer 18000
Gauntlets of Ogre Power 9000
Headband of Intellect 9000
Mace of Disruption 18000
Mace of Terror 18000
Nine Lives Stealer(Fully Charged) 18000
Wand of Magic Missiles 18000
Wand of Web 18000
Staff of Thunder and Lightning 10000
Wand of Binding 12000
Wand of Fear 12000
Ioun Stone Awareness 14000
Rod of the Pact Keeper +1 15000
Staff of Charming 15000
Sunblade 24000
Staff of Healing 16000
Ring of Shooting Stars 14000
Ioun Stone Mastery 15000
+3 Weapon 18000
Hammer of Thunderbolts 18000
Rod of the Pact Keeper +2 18000
Staff of Fire 16000
Staff of Swarming Insects 16000
Wand of Paralysis 16000
Ring of Fire Elemental Command 17000
Dwarven Thrower 18000
Wand of the War Mage +3 19200
Efreeti Chain 20000
Ring of Free Action 20000
Sentinel Shield 20000
Staff of Striking 21000
Ring of Spell Storing 24000
Vorpal Sword 34000
Ring of Water Elemental Command 25000
Rod of Alertness 25000
Staff of Frost 26000
Instrument of the Bards - Fochulan Bandlore 26500
Instrument of the Bards - Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern 27000
Rod of Lordly Might 28000
Rod of the Pact Keeper +2 28000
Instrument of the Bards - Doss Lute 28500
Instrument of the Bards - Canaith Mandolin 30000
Mantle of Spell Resistance 30000
Ring of Spell Turning 30000
Prayer Bead - Favor 32000
Wand of Fireballs 32000
Wand of Lightning Bolts 32000
Wand of Polymorph 32000
Instrument of the Bards - Cli Lyre 35000
Scarab of Protection 36000
Sword of Answering 36000
Staff of the Woodlands 44000
Spellguard Shield 50000
Cloak of Displacement 60000
Robe of Stars 60000
Weapon of Warning 60000
Prayer Bead - Wind Walking 96000
Instrument of the Bards - Anstruth Harp 109000
Instrument of the Bards - Ollamh Harp 125000
Prayer Bead - Summons 128000
Holy Avenger 165000
Spoiler: Discount Notes
A few items could be useful for lower level characters in theory, but have high prices due to their usefulness to high level characters. Alternate versions are presented here for the GM who wants to use them.
Ring of shooting stars: A version of this item where the areas of the shooting stars cannot be overlapped would cost only 4000 gold.
Wands of Magic Missiles/Lightning Bolts/Fireballs: A version of one of these items that can't use multiple charges to cast at higher levels would cost 3000 for magic missiles and 8000 for lightning bolts or fireballs.
Instruments of the bards: Cost 20,000 gold less without the ability to grant disadvantage on saves against charm effects.
Rod of the pact Keeper: Rods which grant a warlock spell slot of a fixed level rather than whatever level you happen to have cost less.
Rods limited to 1st level cost 3000/7000/19000 for +1/+2/+3
Rods limited to 2nd level cost 4000/8000/20000 for +1/+2/+3
Rods limited to 3rd level cost 6000/10000/22000 for +1/+2/+3
Rods limited to 4th level cost 9000/13000/24000 for +1/+2/+3
Noncombat Items

Noncomat items give some sort of problem-solving ability not directly related to combat. Some, like the Eversmoking Bottle and the Boots of Levitation are also useful in combat, but that isn't where the bulk of their utility comes from. Increase the price of these items if you'd rather have your players resort to combat more predictably instead of coming up with complicated schemes that avoid direct fighting.

Item Price(gp)
Helm of Comprehend Languages 500
Driftglobe 750
Trident of Fish Command 800
Cap of Water Breathing 1000
Eversmoking Bottle 1000
Quiver of Ehlonna 1000
Ioun Stone Sustenance 1000
Ring of Warmth 1000
Goggles of Night 1500
Horseshoes of the Zephyr 1500
Mariner's Armor 1500
Necklace of Adaption 1500
Ring of Water Walking 1500
Wand of Magic Detection 1500
Wand of Secrets 1500
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing 2000
Heward's Handy Haversack 2000
Rope of Climbing 2000
Ring of Feather Falling 2000
Boots of Elvenkind 2500
Eyes of Minute Seeing 2500
Eyes of the Eagle 2500
Ring of Jumping 2500
Dimensional Shackles 3000
Eyes of Charming 3000
Medallion of Thoughts 3000
Ring of Swimming 3000
Bag of Holding 4000
Boots of Levitation 4000
Ring of Animal Influence 4000
Boots of Striding and Springing 5000
Cloak of Arachnida 5000
Cloak of Elvenkind 5000
Gloves of Thievery 5000
Hat of Disguise 5000
Horseshoes of Speed 5000
Immovable Rod 5000
Lantern of Revealing 5000
Periapt of Health 5000
Periapt of Proof Against Poison 5000
Slippers of Spider Climbing 5000
Cloak of the Bat 6000
Cloak of the Manta Ray 6000
Ring of X-Ray Vision 6000
Cape of the Mountebank 8000
Portable Hole 8000
Apparatus of Kwalish 10000
Boots of the Winterlands 10000
Folding Boat 10000
Ring of Invisibility 10000
Helm of Telepathy 12000
Cube of Force 16000
Ring of Mind Shielding 16000
Rod of Rulership 16000
Mirror of Life Trapping 18000
Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location 20000
Robe of Eyes 30000
Gem of Seeing 32000
Plate Armor of Etherealness 48000
Summoning Items

Summoning items give their users shiny new friends to help them destroy their enemies or solve problems. With the exception of the Onyx dog, the Silver Raven and the Ivory Goat of Terror, the value of these items is heavily dependent on how expensive mercenaries are in your campaign world. The basic rules makes hiring even quite competent allies startlingly cheap, and while these items aren't based on the ridiculous 2 gp/day rule, they do assume that hiring combat ready minions is a relatively cheap activity that most players will be doing a little bit of if the situation warrants it. Adjust the below prices accordingly if this is not true in your campaign world.
Item Price(gp)
Ivory Goat(Travail) 400
Golden Lion(ea) 600
Ivory Goat(Traveling) 1000
Staff of the Python 2000
Onyx Dog 3000
Silver Raven 5000
Silver Horn of Valhalla 5600
Marble Elephant 6000
Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals 8000
Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals 8000
Censer of Controlling Air Elementals 8000
Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals 8000
Brass Horn of Valhalla 8400
Bronze Horn of Valhalla 11200
Iron Horn of Valhalla 14000
Ivory Goat(Terror) 20000

Gamechanging Items

Gamechanging items significantly impact either the gameworld as a whole or the sort of things that are capable of challenging their holders. I don't really see either of these as a problem, but they may not fit with some campaigns or some settings, so the DM should take a careful look at the items on this list and decide whether or not they are allowed.
Item Price(gp)
+1 Armor 1500
+1 Shield 1500
Sending Stones 2000
Wings of Flying 5000
Alchemy Jug 6000
+2 Armor 6000
+2 Shield 6000
Ebony Fly 6000
Bronze Griffon 8000
Broom of Flying 8000
Serpentine Owl 8000
Winged Boots 8000
Dwarven Plate 9000
Potion of Longevity 9000
Carpet of Flying 12000
Ring of Regeneration 12000
Sphere of Annihilation 15000
Armor of Invulnerability 18000
Talisman of the Sphere 20000
+3 Armor 24000
+3 Shield 24000
Defender 24000
Ring of Earth Elemental Command 31000
Robe of the Archmagi 34000
Ring of Air Elemental Command 35000
Cubic Gate 40000
Crystal Ball 50000
Helm of Teleportation 64000
Daern's Instant Fortress 75000
Ring of Telekinesis 80000
Cloak of Invisibility 80000
Rod of Security 90000
Staff of Power 95500
Obsidian Steed 128000
Decanter of Endless Water 135000
Amulet of the Planes 160000
Spoiler: Why Items are on this List

The +X armors and shields, dwarven plate, defender, staff of power and robe of the archmagi all allow the user to boost their AC out of the range of bounded accuracy. Enough AC and a character becomes functionally immune to low level checks on their ability to run rampant, like the town guard or small armies. This sort of thing is possible using items not on this list, but it requires significantly more investment in terms of the player's attunement slots. Characters eventually growing up to the point where they don't care about low level NPCs isn't a bad thing, but it doesn't fit all campaigns.

The armor of invulnerability is on this list for about the same reason.

All items that grant either flying or a flying mount are on the list for a similar reason, though they obsolete enemies without flying or a strong ranged attack rather than low level nonmagical enemies.

The Cloak of invisibility likewise obsoletes enemies that can't see invisible things.

The Helm of Teleportation, Amulet of Planes and Cubic Gate are here because they essentially obsolete any quest involving travel times, and in the later cases many quests involving things being on another plane. Additionally, they give an almost absurdly strong panic button to the holder.

Sending Stones and the Crystal ball are here because of their impact on the world, both massively change the rate of travel of information, and the latter doubles as an extremely potent knowledge gathering tool in PC hands, which bears looking into for that reason alone.

The Alchemy Jug, Decanter of Endless Water, Sphere of Annihilation and Ring of Telekinesis are here for their massive effect on the economy. All three can potentially make a profit that dwarfs their listed price if used in a clever enough manner over a long timespan.

The Potion of Longevity are here for medical reasons which should be fairly clear.

Daern's Instant Fortress potentially has a huge impact on grand military strategy.