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World of Shantar D&D 5e House Rules

Version 2.0.1


Alpha v.2
Adding domains and feats.
Beta v.9
Adding tools and feats.
To Do
To Do add new feats with Sandbox!


The authors of the Renegade 20 Game System would like to thank all those who contributed, designed, and tested every aspect of this gaming system.  We would also like to extend special thanks to E. Gary Gygax, who developed and revolutionized the role-playing game during his lifetime.  

Special thanks also goes out to those who put much love and effort into making this document a reality:  Christian Wolfgang Stone, Bruce Kerry Jones, James Christian Egeli, Vern Roseman, Jon Velapoldi, and Garrett Kraus.


Delve into newly discovered dungeons, save villages from bandits, uncover lost artifacts from forgotten temples, usurp kingdoms, and journey into the furthest reaches of the astral plane where nameless beasts rule.  Inside these pages, you will discover game rules to help you embark on your own adventures and to design characters to explore any place your imagination can create.  You can take on the role of a hero, a villain, or even a peasant and join with a few of your friends to begin a journey inside an epic tale.  

This is the Renegade 20 rules enhancement for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (Dungeons and Dragons).  

Do you find aspects of the game difficult? -- Suggest a better one!  Perhaps it will become a variant and supported system.  Perhaps with enough community support it will become part of the core rule set. This game is only limited by our goal to support all audiences. Initially, the rule set will target the fantasy audience, but we expect a modern and futuristic version to succeed these rules and more!