Mythology and Pantheon of the Celestials

In the beginning, there was Eä, "the dreamer" in the common tongue.

Eä created the Elder Powers. In unison they brought forth Creation out from emptiness. Eä was apart from Creation as much as the Elder Powers were integral and bound within it.

From that wellspring also three powers of fate emerged; the Wisdom, the Word, and the Vision of Eä.

From them came the Titans. Their names are enumerated here: Chronos (Time), Ozon (Sky), Ahok (The Universe), Besh (The Great World), Ülon (Water), and Sola (Sun). Yet they knew nothing of what was outside of creation. They shaped the heavens, Shantar (the seat of light), the infinite plains, and other realms beyond knowledge.

A council was called on the Island of Immortality for the Elder Powers to determine who should deliver the younger powers out from emptiness.

From them came the first of the Younger Powers: the Dwarf Lords from Besh, Elementar (Elementals), Dragons (Order), the Nagan (Wisdom), Xotil, and the defeated. Also came the Slavan, the Eladarin -- as well as other races that have long since retreated beyond the realms of the universe, those whose names and wisdom have been long forgotten.

From them came the Celestials: Sha-deru, lord of dragons, and Zeriti, Queen of the Nagan; each born into their full power. The Celestials rose up against the other Younger Powers to create order from chaos, to deliver the universe from falseness and illusion. Xotil was the most powerful of the defeated and Titan Chronos was maimed. The Veil of Time was manifest. Outside the veil lay the infinite astral, and within them the near astral and all realms of existence.

Dwarves were created first from the Dwarf Lords and imbued with the light of Eä. Elves were known next, born of Besh and greatest in the light of Eä. Humans were children of the Celestials and of Besh, were long lived, and were known to exist in 8 great kingdoms. Yet all these races aged. The rivers flowed out from the Island of Immortality.

The Great Powers retreated into the realms beyond the Veil of Time. Some were destroyed. Ahok-Bel-Tir was manifest from the Great Powers to heal the world and created the Veil of Ether (known as the Great Veil) which none of the Great Powers could enter. From Besh all worlds in all realms became healed bound to their cycles. From the blood of Besh magic flowed and the mortal races gained their own power.

Xotil was struck down by Ahmara in the manifestation of Ahok-Bel-Tir. Xotils body lay in torpor, the bones manifested dark worlds in the Shadow Realm that feeds undeath. Xotils blood a curse to break the Great Veil. Xotils will survives but lacks body and movement. Of Xotil three spirits remain trapped in Shantar and seek to manifest Xotils will and crack the Great Veil so Xotil may be free.

Humans were once long lived. It is said that of all, Humans and Dwarves together brought Xotil to his doom. Xotil manifested from his great will a curse that sits on all humans and dwarves. The generations are now weaker and quicker to their doom. The curse weighs most heavily on the dwarves who are today few in number and their great underground Sabaks in ruin.