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The six ages of legend...

The six ages of legend, collected from recorded lore found in the great repository at Rillanon, and amended by Falstaff based on his accounts.

In the history of all known lands of Shantar there are six great ages. The first, an age before the reckoning of time, where many gods fought against each other on this plane, and through great wisdom and folly did that age come to a close. The second, an age where the strongest and most powerful of the races, the dragons and slaan, ruled. The third and fourth age tell of the rise and fall of the great dwarf and elf civilizations. The fifth age starts with the ascendency of the kingdoms of man in the apocalypse of the fourth age, and I believe it has ended in happiness and in sorrow. It is my hope that the evils born of ages past are laid to rest, but I fear the cost will be great. Names were forgotten, races have died off, and much that was good was cut away with it. The course of the sixth age it is not new threats, but rather ages past that threatens a new cataclysm that could destroy the very fabric of magic and reality.

Prophets say that the passing of the sixth age will be in fire and ice, and much that is now will cease to be. In the seventh age, all will be forgotten, and only the ancestral memories will come alive in the stories and games of those that rule the age. If it would be possible for anyone in future ages to uncover these scrolls, they will find a tale of great hope, tragic loss, epic heroes, faeries, dragons, hatred and love. It is my hope that in one future day when all that I know is forgotten, that these tales will once again find their way into the hearts and minds so that the great sacrifices and mistakes of the past are not committed again.